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In the early l970s, Ghana was faced with a gargantuan economic decline which led to a migration of trained teachers to other countries, hence the weakening of the educational standard. More prominently it triggered significant mayhem to the morale of teachers left in the country especially when there was no support from their colleague who had then left. The low level of teacher morale is a direct cause of the poor pupils’ performance. In order to rejuvenate and augment the excellence of education in the country the government introduced The Educational Reform Programme in 1987. This aroused the increased access to education, refurbished schools, hundreds of new schooI buildings and increased flow of books, equipment and materials, all in the quest of making education in Ghana a better one. This called for Government recognition of the teaching profession and the massive work being done by these teachers in the on-going reforms and their professional contribution towards building these reforms to international standards. The introduction of the Best Teacher Award Scheme in 1995 was as a way of appreciating their efforts and to remove some of the frustration which came the way of teachers. Indeed, every government realizes that the implementation of educational reforms can only happen in the classroom.


The major objective of the scheme is to motivate teachers for higher performance and also restore the respect the profession should enjoy. It further aims at retaining qualified teachers and improves their work performance and overall effectiveness in the classroom. The Prize underlines the importance of the teaching profession and symbolizes the fact that teachers throughout the world deserve to be recognized and celebrated.


The Prize is open to current working teachers (both private and public) who teach children that are in compulsory schooling. Teachers on voluntary teaching service are also eligible. The Prize is open to teachers in every school at the pre-tertiary level. Unlike the overall best teacher awards category in the previous years, the Ghana Teacher Prize will honour Ghana Most Outstanding Teacher Award (GMOTA) category. This award will honour outstanding teachers for their exemplary leadership and ground-breaking work that has affected and transformed the lives of the studentS under their care and the community around them. The GMOTA shall be conducted annually where teachers will be celebrated at an agreed venue. The occasion shall be named the Ghana’s Most Outstanding Teacher Prize Forum which will culminate in a 3-day symposium, educational fair,and seminars to showcase evidenced-based projects of the Ministry of Education and her institutions as well as research findings from academia,advertisement, showcase of educational materials among others.


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