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Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest in the GES and NTC  4 (CPD) points Differentiated Learning Training Programme for teachers. Please, follow the instructions below carefully to be able to access the contents of the training.

Kindly visit https://ilearn.ntc.gov.gh and click on Login.

On the login page, use the following credentials for your username and password;

Username: Use the email address you provided when you registered for the programme 

Password: changeme (use “changeme” as your password)

The system will automatically ask you to change your password after logging in. To do this, insert “changeme” as your current password and then provide a new password that you want to use in the other fields and click save changes. (Check image below)

After a successful login, you will be taken straight to the programme. Click on the title “Differentiated Learning” to begin your studies. 

On the programme’s page, click on your “Region’s Whatsapp Group”.  On the Region’s Whatsapp Group page,  click on your district to join your district’s WhatsApp group where you can seek help to complete the training on time. You can equally proceed to complete the training by going through all the lessons and answering the associated questions.

NOTE: These instructions are for those who have received text messages to visit this site. If you received the text message but you are not able to login after following the above guidelines, then it implies you did not provide the right email address.

Follow this link to join the DL Telegram page for further assistance https://t.me/+nzpWxXLCrLwwZjk0

Please, watch the video below on how to access the training contents. Thank you


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